Back in my twenties, I was a dreamer.

I lived with a friend who was an even bigger dreamer. He wanted to build his own houseboat and live on it. Maybe even build more of them and sell them to other people.

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My first career was as a draftsperson. I studied Engineering Design at a Tech institute, so when my friend began his houseboat crusade, I helped draw up the floor plans for the living spaces above and below deck.

At the time, I wasn’t working in the engineering field any more, but had big dreams of living as a freelance artist & designer. …

It’s time to get real.

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Some years ago actor William Shatner uttered the now-famous response “Get a Life!” to a convention-goer’s query about some inane triviality in one of the original Star Trek episodes. He didn’t mean to insult the man, but he did have a point. You must differentiate between what’s real and what’s fiction, what’s factual versus what’s relevant.

To take this one step further, I don’t think one should get a life; one should get a REAL life.

Years later Mr. Shatner published a book called Shatner Rules. His #1 Rule was YES. Yes to opportunity, yes to the dots that appear…

How do you write a proper one? Help your fellow writers with a post-mortem on this literary cadaver.

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What makes a proper essay?

When I was asked to compose a 300 word essay for a ‘writing assessment’, I had to look it up. What is the established, generally accepted structure of an essay? I didn’t know, having never officially written one before, so naturally I turned to Google.

There, I found what I thought was a pretty clear description and method to follow. It included an introduction, supporting arguments, and a conclusion. The topic had been assigned: “Life is Beautiful.” I was given 90 minutes to complete and submit it.

I felt rather proud of it, and gleefully…

Confessions of a Ghost Writer

Have you seen my ghost? Me neither — its a ghost, after all! Though ghosts are supposedly already dead, as a writer I may have to kill mine off for good.
A few years ago, I spent seven lovely nights at the haunted Sainte Claire Hotel in downtown San Jose, California. …

More than ever, mental health and brain health are becoming top wellness issues.

Though a previously unknown and highly communicable disease is a clear and present threat, the other side of a pandemic situation can result in an equally destructive and potentially longer lasting health issue: Mental illness. We’re not talking all-out crazy here, but low levels of stress over an extended period of time take a health toll no less serious.

More than ever, mental health and brain health are becoming top wellness issues.

Many who have never struggled with these issues before are experiencing depression, anxiety, frustration, irritability and even anger in their lives due to ongoing, disruptive and often frightening…

The more you use it, the stronger it gets.

As an instructor of digital design software, I so often heard a student claim things like: “I’m not creative. I can’t draw a straight line. I don’t have a creative bone in my body.”

For starters, the truth is: No one can draw a straight line.

We are human beings, controlled by organic electrical impulses! Our muscles simply can’t create the steady movement necessary to draw an absolutely straight line, which by the way, doesn’t truly exist outside of a mathematic expression.

Here’s the other truth, and it’s good news. However you may deny it, everyone has latent creativity. It’s…

And here’s the result; (book excerpt enclosed)

Trinity Lighthouse, Costa Del Sol, Spain

It was a dark and stormy night….oh wait. That’s been done.

It was actually a bright, sunny and hot day when I saw the thing; the thing that would someday turn me into an author.

I don’t think I have any pictures of it except those inside my mind. Images like those aren’t always accurate but are probably more inspiring when they reside solely in the imagination. …

Taking the time to say Thank You Again is time well spent.

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Thank you to my NEWEST followers on Medium. It means the world to me that others take the time to read my writing and enjoy it enough to hit the follow buttons. It inspires me to create more stories that I hope you will find interesting, entertaining, and fun to read because I sure have fun writing them!

So, THANK YOU! to Hazel, Avia, Michael, Rose, Marcel, Mehmet, Bruno, Zahra, Paul, Melissa, Kami, North Black, Nom de Plume, Aivaras, Scott, Zachary, Erin, and THANK YOU AGAIN to original followers Richard, Sherri, Clarisse, Cosmin and Bridget.


Before Joe Exotic, there was this guy.

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Long before anyone heard the name Joe Exotic, there lived another larger-than-life big cat breeder, who had neither a southern drawl nor was involved in any murder schemes. He was, however, also the main star of a TV series entitled Al Oeming — Man of the North.

A New-Age Noah

When I was in elementary school, our class always went on a field trip at the end of June. One of those full-day trips was to a magical place called Al Oeming’s Game Farm located just east of my home city of Edmonton and was probably the last place you’d expect to find…

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Getting organized is a task. Staying organized is a habit! If you’re someone who forms habits easily, keeping your home organized can be ‘hard-wired’ into your life without too much trouble. For the rest of us, keeping a few basic ‘commitments’ each day will keep the clutter away. They’re not hard to remember, fit naturally into your daily routine, and will go a long way in tidying your mind along with your environment.

#1 — Make your bed!

This sounds obvious, but loads of folks don’t make their beds when they get out of them in the morning. You’ve heard the phrase “happy wife, happy…

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Writer and Artist based in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. Creativity Coach and Fiction author of contemporary and paranormal romance. Read more at

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